Solutions for life addressed from a Biblical perspective


In June 2008 MOCCC moved to our current location from three blocks away due to the Rowan Blvd project.  We are a new church all over again and we are excited about the opportunities God has provided for us.

At Mount Olive Christian Community Church we believe that training in the Word of God is of utmost importance.  The teaching and preaching at MOCCC is designed to enable a person to learn from the Bible by way of proper interpretation and application.

At MOCCC we believe in training and education.  We have a well qualified group of leaders who are able to instruct in the Word of God and provide spiritual guidance.

Along with our Senior Pastor Ronald W. Tucker, all of our ministers are graduates of Philadelphia Biblical University with certificates ranging from Diplomas from the evening school to Masters Degrees in Biblical Studies.  Our other leaders are qualified with everything from Bachelor degrees to PhD’s.  We are well equipped to instruct in the Word of God.

Solutions for life addressed from a Biblical perspective.

Come join us, we know you will be blessed!